Andrea Schmutz

Andrea Schmutz

lic. iur., Attorney at Law and Notary Public, Partner

Hirschgaesslein 11
CH-4010 Basel

Tel +41 58 200 30 00

Fax +41 58 200 30 11


Julia Grollimund and Adriana Plozza;

Andrea Schmutz has broad experience in contract and company law, real estate law as well as in matrimonial property and inheritance law. She advises companies during foundation, reorganisation and restructuring, whereby she assists clients with the procedure of public subscription of shares and notarizes general meetings of the shareholders’ of listed companies. Inheritance and succession planning of companies and individuals also make up a considerable part of Andrea Schmutz’ advisory practice. Furthermore, she is involved in all kinds of real estate projects and she mainly supports investors and construction firms with the planning and execution of housing developments. In the area of labour and sports law Andrea Schmutz gives counsel to athletes and associations and represents them in litigation before Arbitral Tribunals (FIFA, CAS and CAS ad-hoc).

Practice areas
  • Contractual and corporate advisory services for companies and groups.
  • Notarization of general meetings of the shareholders’.
  • Succession and inheritance planning for individuals and enterprises.
  • Advisory service for individuals, investors and construction firms in the area of real estate law.
  • Labor law and sports law.
Practice groups
  • M&A, capital markets and corporate
  • Construction, real estate and industrial facilities
  • Notariat
  • 2008: Admission as Notary Public in the Canton of Basel-Country
  • 2008: Admission as Notary Public in the Canton of Basel-City
  • 2005: Admission as Attorney at Law
  • 2002: lic. iur., Universities of Lausanne and Basel
Experience / Career
  • since 2014: Partner with Kellerhals Attorneys at Law, today Kellerhals Carrard
  • 2005 - 2013: Associate with Christen Rickli Partner, resp. Kellerhals Attorneys at Law
  • 2004: Traineeship with VISCHER Anwälte und Notare, today VISCHER AG
  • German
  • English
  • French
  • Association of Swiss Notaries (SNV)
  • Swiss Association of Attorneys at Law (SAV)
Further activities
  • Advisory service for investors in connection with foundation of a local brewery including the procedure of public subscription of shares.
  • Advisory service for investors in connection with the acquisition of a real estate for the construction of a commercial center and hotel.
  • Inheritance and succession planning for members of the board and management of listed companies.
  • Advisory service for construction firms in connection with housing developments.
Media / Rankings / Awards
  • Interview in Der Sonntag dated 30th November 2011, Grenzenloser Nachlass – Advokatin Andrea Schmutz über Deutsche, die Vermögen in der Schweiz vererben.

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  • Telebasel Report dated 16th November 2011 concerning the Merger of Novartis and Alcon. (more)

Publications and presentations
  • "Es ist nie zu früh, an später zu denken", speech held on 15th June 2017, Raiffeisenbank Allschwil

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  • "Wohnsituation heute und morgen", speech held on 9th May 2017, Frauenverein St. Peter + Paul

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  • "Wohnsituation heute und morgen", speech held on 12th April 2016, Frauenverein St. Peter + Paul

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  • Revision des schweizerischen Umweltschutzgesetzes, usic-news, number 03/14, dated November 2014, p. 32 et seqq.

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  • Revision des Schweizerischen Umweltschutzgesetzes, k&b 2/2014 

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  • Beurkundungsbedürftigkeit von Werkverträgen im Zusammenhang mit Grundstückkaufverträgen, in: 10 ans de collaboration notariale intercantonale / Eine zehnjährige notarielle Zusammenarbeit im interkantonalen Bereich / 10 anni di collaborazione notarile intercantonale, Mélanges / Festschrift / Miscellanee, ed., Zürich, 2011, p. 47 et seqq.

  • Was GmbH jetzt tun sollten, standpunkt, number 224, dated 14th November 2007, p. 13 (together with Dr. Balthasar Bessenich).

  • Discussion of CAS OG 06/002 Andrea Schuler/Swiss Olympic Association & Swiss Ski Federation (Überprüfung des Auswahlverfahrens zur Olympiateilnahme), SpuRt 3/2006, p. 113 et seqq. (together with Dr. Marco Balmelli).

  • „Personengesellschaften: Stolpersteine für Berater“, speech held on 2nd July in Regensdorf.

  • „Wie vererben Deutsche ihr Vermögen in der Schweiz?“, speech held on 2nd, 9th und 30th November 2011 in Lörrach, Schopfheim and Rheinfelden.

  • „Gründung einer Tochterfirma/Zweigniederlassung in der Schweiz - Wahl der Unternehmensform“, speech held on 30th June 2011 at the chamber of crafts in Freiburg and on 27th October 2011 at the chamber of crafts in Karlsruhe.

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  • „Beurkundungsbedürftigkeit von Werkverträgen im Zusammenhang mit Grundstückkaufverträgen“, speech held on 26th Mai 2011 in Bern.

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  • „Ausgewählte Fragen zum Erbrecht“, speech held on 1st September 2010 at the BaZ City Forum in Basel.

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