12. December 2018

Newsletter 7/2018

The FinTech licence comes into force on 1 January 2019


11. December 2018

Newsletter 6/2018

Planned repeal of rental value taxation and increase in dividend taxation – Tax tips for homeowners and business owners


15. November 2018

Newsletter 5/2018

Latest news on SIA design contracts


Deal Ticker

Predictive digital twin pioneer, Akselos, has completed a $10 million financing round led by innogy Ventures, with Shell Ventures as Co-Investor.

26. October 2018

Newsletter 4/2018

Warranty and condominium ownership: new case law


18. October 2018

Newsletter 3c/2018

Information series on new financial legislation

Part 3: FinSA and FinIA - Impact on collective investment schemes


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