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Corporate Housekeeping for Startups: Better be safe than sorry

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Do you have a new and convincing business idea that you are about to put into action? We congratulate you on your courage and entrepreneurial spirit and are convinced that your idea deserves the best legal support. Kellerhals Carrard’s Startup Desk can offer you the support you need. We believe in supporting innovative young entrepreneurs in Switzerland and strive to contribute to your success from a legal point of view with the same passion and commitment as you.

Our Startup Desk comprises a core team of motivated and experienced lawyers from Basel, Berne, Lausanne and Zurich. We offer professional, pragmatic and reliable services in all areas and phases of life of a startup. We specialise in advising startups following their foundation, especially on financing rounds, employee participation plans, exits and IP rights. We offer you our services based on a fair rate that is adapted to your individual situation. Welcome to the Kellerhals Carrard Startup Desk!


  • Advising on legal structure (corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship)
  • Preliminary review and consulting on IP rights (trademarks, copyrights, company name protection etc.)
  • Development and examination of constitutive documents (articles of association, organisational regulations, shareholders' agreements etc.)
  • Notarial certification by our own notaries and registration in the Commercial Registry
Investment rounds
  • Advice on all types of financing (equity, debt, mezzanine)
  • Assistance and coordination of due diligences
  • Conducting negotiations (i.e. with business angels, venture capitalists etc.)
  • Preparation of the necessary documents: non-disclosure agreements, term sheets, investment agreements, shareholders’ agreements etc.
Exits (trade sale, IPO, licensing)
  • Advice on all types of exits: share deal, asset deal, IPO etc.
  • Advice on due diligence and negotiations
  • Preparation of the necessary documents: non-disclosure agreements, term sheets, investment agreements, shareholders’ agreements etc.
Employee participation plans
  • Consulting on physical plans (shares, options) as well as virtual plans (phantom stock, stock appreciation rights)
  • Designing participation plans
  • Obtaining tax rulings
  • Administering participation plans



The Startup Desk team consists of proven and motivated lawyers with long-standing experience in consulting startups. Because we work with startups daily, we know your needs, can offer you specific and high-quality solutions and are an ideal “sparring partner”.

We have already supported numerous startups in a broad range of fields, i.a. in the foundation stage, with financing rounds, in Exit traqnsactions, in implementing employee participation plans, designing an IP strategy, drafting contracts and general terms and conditions, etc.

We also attach great importance to our exciting, reliable and steadily growing network in the Swiss startup ecosystem. Our startups benefit from our proximity to and our direct and reliable contact with the key players on the startup scene.